SEDER Nickel Pesach Jewish PASSOVER Plate Dish Hebrew Israel Judaica dish Gift

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This beautifully designed plate provides places for parsley, horse radish, an egg, a shank bone, bitter herbs and haroseth - six of the traditional foods that are blessed on during the reading of the Passover Seder.

This nickel plated holiday Passover Seder Plate is an elegantly designed item containing specific places for the various foods that are blessed on and eaten during the Jewish Passover Seder. Each of the foods have a particular significance in the understanding and celebration of the exodus from Egypt.

This is a beautiful plate with a classic judaica design that will bring a special touch to your Passover holiday table.

According to the traditional Jewish law (Halakha), the food should be arranged in the same order in which it will be used during the Passover Seder, with the first food to be blessed upon placed closest to the head of the table.

This package includes:
* 1 Nickel Plated Passover Seder Plate with Classic Design and Hebrew Inscriptions
* Diameter of plate - 40 cm / 15.74 inches