Div judaica jewelry

During the course of our history, many symbols have become associated with Jewish people, Jewish scholarship, and Jewish culture. In our days people start to wear them as a necklace or a bracelet. Since in our days diversity is encouraged some people wear them because they feel finally free to show that they are proud of their heritage and others like to offer them as a lucky charm and still others search for protection against the evil eye. Most symbols became popular after their meaning according to Kabbalah became known. In our assortment you can find the famous Hamsa but also the Star of David as well as the Hebrew letters Chai. There are even symbols that refer directly to items belonging to the Holy Temple such as the High Priest’s Choshen Breastplate and the Menorah. We offer a whole range of gift ideas for all kind of occasions at affordable prices to wish your friends good luck in all their endeavors.