10 Heart HAMSA Silver Tone Evil Eye Charm Making Jewelry Amulet karma Pendant

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The hamsa or "protecting hand" is believed to be a way of averting and getting protection from the evil eye, or in general, as a way of summoning assistance from the "Hand of G-d".

It is believed that the one who has it in their possession will receive protection from the EVIL EYE and it will create positive energy, happiness, prosperity and good health. The Hamsa (root means "five") symbolizes the Creators protective hand.

These pendants are hamsa amulets, ancient symbols picturing an opened hand with a palm and five outstretched fingers.

Many may use the Hebrew expression " bli ayin hara " (no evil eye) when they speak about their good fortune in an attempt to avoid its wrath against their good luck. It is believed that the envious glare of onlookers, even without any ill intentions, can cause divine repercussions.

It could be considered helpful to wear or display such an amulet from a totally practical point of view - simply to consistently remind oneself of our own fragility and weaknesses, and to help us reflect this realization in our day to day thoughts, speech and actions.

Product Features:
* Lot of 10 - "Lucky" Hamsa Kabbalah Pendant Rhodium Charms
* Size of pendant - 1.50 cm / 0.59 inches