Bracelet Jewelry

Responding to the growing interest in Jewish mysticism, we offer a wide range of jewelry items with Kabbalah themes. Kabbalah is the mystical and esoteric aspect of Judaism. These meaningful concepts express themselves in symbols and letter combinations representing the hidden Wisdom that was passed on from generation to generation by great Sages. Attaining the esoteric knowledge that Kabbalah offers is something that many seekers of the truth aspire to. In the past, Kabbalah teachings included a limited number of people who were the mystical practitioner of Kabbalah. Nowadays, the wisdom of Kabbalah is much more accessible. People can learn about and enjoy the tools that Kabbalah provides to promote positive changes in their lives. 

The Kabbalistic jewels make a perfect present and a beautiful way to wish someone well.

Our assortment contains protective elements to guard the wearer from the Evil Eye and other negative energies. The main symbols are the Star of David, the Hamsa, the Lucky Eye and the Tree of Life. Also the Hebrew verse Shema Israel, which is known for its positive influence and should be said at least twice a day, is a frequent theme of our bracelets.

Ideal gift ideas available at very low prices.