Lucky charm Jewish Kabbalah Star of David MERKABA protection Necklace MERKAVA

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Kabala belief explains that the two triangles, interlocked in opposite directions, represent the contradictions in man; good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, and so forth

The Star of David, called Magen David (Shield of David) in Hebrew, has been a religious symbol for thousands of years. It has been in use since at least the fourth century of the Common Era. It is the symbol that has come to represent the Jewish people and Judaism

The upward point triangle symbolizes man's good deeds, which is directly towards to heaven.

The Star of David is also the symbol of the flag for the Modern State of Israel. This beautifully crafted Star of David necklace is perfect to express your culture and faith or to give as a gift. In turn, it activates a flow of goodness that comes back down to earth, and is depicted by the downward pointing triangle.

This package includes:
* Rhodium Star of David Necklace pedent
* Length of Necklace - 42 cm / 16.53 inch
* Pendant Size 1.4 CM