Hebrew Book of Psalms Ceramic TILE holy bible Tehillim Chapter 41 תהילים עברית

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Complete your wall decor with this 15X15 cm professionally printed Wooden art tile. Ideal for any room!

The origin of the word "PSALM" is from the Greek word "PSALMOS" which comes from the Hebrew word zmr, meaning "to pluck" - as in taking hold of the strings of an instrument with the fingers. This implies that the psalms were originally composed to be accompanied by a stringed instrument.

Tehillim or Psalms is a book from the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament), included in the collected works known traditionally as the "Writings" or Ketuvim.

It is a beautifully designed, powerful item that is comforting to have close to you always or to give as a special judaica gift. This is especially a great "Bon Voyage" good luck present

Product Details - About the Design
Special Quote Wooden Wall Hanging Art Sign
Size: 15 x 15 cm / 5.9 x 5.9 inch
This tile has a smooth surface.
Professionally printed Wooden Tile
Carefully packaged for safe delivery